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About Us

We believe there is a rising up of radical believers. God's people working together toward a Christ-centered community. A place where Kingdom culture is the norm, and miracles happen every day. We are longing for and striving toward this place. 


The Lord has gifted each one of us with a myriad of creative ideas, undiscovered talents, and unreached Kingdom potential. We need only tap into the heart of the Father to access them. The same God who breathed the stars into the sky, gave songs to the birds, and filled the fields with wild flowers, wants to do creative works through us!!


It's time to unlock the wonder that the Lord has placed inside you! The world is desperate for The Kingdom. When our dreams are inspired by and with the Holy Spirit, the heavenly realm is our limit.


So, go! Create something the Lord has placed in your heart. Awaken your God-given talents. Sing the song, write the book, start the business. You have the very breath of God within you!

This business is about more than aromatherapy, skin care, supplements, cosmetics, and non-toxic cleaning. This is about showing the world the love of Jesus. We are investing 10% of our total business earnings into spreading the message of the gospel.  


We are the daughters of The Most High King and we co-created this brand with Holy Spirit. Until we can go up, we are determined to bring Heaven down.


Grace, Love and Peace,


Heidi Davis 

Founder + Co-Creator with Holy Spirit

Heidi Davis Founder + Co-Creator with Holy Spirit of Kingdom Come Home

Heidi Davis 

Founder + Co-Creator with Holy Spirit 

Lisa Laughnan, VP of Affiliate Marketing & E-commerce

Lisa Laughnan

VP of Affiliate Marketing & E-commerce

Shanelle Siaki, Creative Design at Kingdom Come Home

Shanelle Siaki

Creative Design

Hannah Williamson, Social Media Manager at Kingdom Come Home

Hannah Williamson

Social Media Manager

Grace Raines, Photography at Kingdom Come Home

Grace Raines


Dianna Isabella, Logistics Supervisor at Kingdom Come Home

Dianna Isabella

Logistics Supervisor

Riley Norris,  Affiliate Marketing Coordinator at Kingdom Come Home

Riley Norris

Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Kayla Nickles, Creative Content at Kingdom Come Home

Kayla Nickles

Creative Content

Kingdom Come Home Affiliate Team

Our Affiliate Team

600 strong & growing!

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