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Pearl White Honey


100% pure, raw, and unfiltered!


Pollen Source:

High Mountain, Wild White Clover


Source Location: Idaho - United States


Flavor: Sweet, mild, delicious, and addictive. If bee’s made frosting, this would be it!


What’s the buzz about?


The taste, color, and specific nutrients of various types of honey depend on the pollinated flower properties. This honey is alive with healthy pollens, enzymes, vitamins, and phytonutrients. This honey is known as a superfood immunity booster!


Garden Actives:


High in flavanols, antioxidants that can help to regulate your blood pressure, which in turn helps to protect your heart health.


Helps transport oxygen through the body and bring nutrients to all of your cells.


Protects your cells and DNA against damage caused by free radicals.


It is a source of flavonoids, which may reduce the risk of some cancers.


Studies have shown that it may combat conditions such as depression, epilepsy, imbalances caused by brain injuries, Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease.


The only food that contains the antioxidant pinocembrin, which has been linked to improved brain function.


Antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


Provides several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.


Helps control candida overgrowth when applied to the skin.


Soothes digestive issues such as ulcers and diarrhea.


Excellent when applied to the skin for skin related autoimmune conditions.


25% sweeter than table sugar.


Free From:

- No artificial preservatives

- No artificial colors

- No refined sugar

- No gluten

- No wheat

- No yeast

- No corn

- No soy

- Non-GMO


It’s just raw honey!


8 ounces


*Kingdom Come Home offers natural and organic products. Ingredients may have slight variations and product appearance may slightly differ due to harvest times and batches created from them.


**Shelf Life: All Kingdom Come Home products are made with God’s natural goodness. Please use within 8 months of the date of purchase to ensure quality and freshness.


Proverbs 24:13

13 Eat honey, my son, for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste.

Pearl White Honey


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