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Amazing Skin Starts Here!


This is where Kingdom Come Home started and you should too. You will obtain fantastic results with a 15% off savings!


• Hadassah Beauty Oil Wash - 8 oz

• Hadassah Beauty Oil Drops - 2 oz

• Black Violet Eye Cream - 1 oz



Hadassah Beauty Oil Cleanser


This luxury cleansing oil purifies and softens while acting as your cleanser, eye makeup remover, and toner - all in one. It leaves your skin soft, supple, hydrated, and perfectly balanced.


Directions: Wet your face with tepid water. Shake your bottle to combine the two-part solution. Using about a half-dollar size amount, massage onto your face and neck. Rinse. Proceed with the rest of your Kingdom Come Home skincare routine.


Non-Toxic Ingredients: Rosehip Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Avocado Oil MCT Oil, Avocado Oil, Greek Lavender Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil


8 ounces




Hadassah Beauty Oil Drops


A beautifying and healing oil that harnesses the power of vital plant extracts. This beauty oil drop offers advanced hydration, radiance, and anti-aging benefits, all without the use of harmful toxins and chemicals.


Directions: Apply one pump both AM and PM after cleansing with your favorite Kingdom Come Home cleanser.


Non-Toxic Ingredients: Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Holy Basil Essential Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Greek Lavender Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil


2 ounces




Black Violet Eye Cream


Our Black Violet Eye Cream will nourish, soothe, and moisturize the delicate skin under the eyes. Black Violet Extract is rich in bioflavonoids which produce smooth, healthy skin and acts as a natural brightening agent. Perfect for those starting to see the first signs of aging.


Application: Apply half a pump and gently tap around the eye area, only up to the orbital bone. Can be used both am and pm.


* This product is in an airless pump and needs to be primed. Please pump it 30x in a row before use.


Non-Toxic Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Mango Butter, Olive Fruit Oil, Shorea Butter, Sunflower Oil, African Violet Essence + Essential Oil, Arrow Root, Optiphen


1 ounce




All Kingdom Come Home Products Are Formulated Without: Parabens, Phthalates, Petroleum, Sulfates, and Toxic Chemicals. Kingdom Come Home products are free of the 3000 ingredients the EU deems as unsafe, but the United States does not.



Safety Information: When using a new product, always do a patch test first. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not use any products if you have a known allergy to an ingredient. Avoid getting any product into the eye. Flush eyes immediately with water if this occurs.


**Shelf Life: All Kingdom Come Home products are made with God’s natural goodness. Please use within 8 months of the date of purchase to ensure quality and freshness.


Esther 2:12-14

Now when the turn of each young lady came to go in to King Ahasuerus, after the end of her twelve months under the regulations for the women-- for the days of their beautification were completed as follows: six months with oil of myrrh and six months with spices and beauty treatments for the women.

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