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Moringa Miracle Drops


Did you know, Moringa Oleifera (Moringa Tree) can prevent at least three hundred known diseases in the world? Every single part of the moringa tree, including stems, seeds, pods, fruits, bark, and root, has precious medicinal values. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Moringa Tree is called the “Miracle Tree”.


Every part of the Moringa Tree has enormous benefits for health, and that includes your skin!


One of the miracles in God’s creation, Moringa Miracle Drops is a lightweight, nourishing blend that contains unrefined, cold-pressed Moringa with 3 types of Vitamin E, 46 different antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and Vitamin A. It delivers the nourishment your skin needs for optimized renewal, healing, and incredible hydration.


Garden Actives:


Moringa Oil


Moringa Oil has the unique ability to penetrate the skin and detoxify it, while providing beneficial anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain healthy skin and increased cell function. Moringa Oil builds collagen by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin and helps to repair sun-induced damage, while delaying the aging process by supporting and nourishing cell tissue. Moringa Oil is one of God’s greatest gifts for your skin. It’s the most sought-after oil in the beauty industry for its anti-aging, healing, and beautifying effects.


Passionfruit Oil


With 72.6% linoleic acid, Passionfruit Oil is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids on the planet, supporting skin health with its incredible ability to fight off free radicals. Passionfruit oil helps preserve the collagen and elastin in our skin, resulting in the appearance of firmer, more youthful skin. Other signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, can also be treated with Passionfruit Oil.


Argan Oil


Argan Oil boosts skin permeability and collaborates with Moringa Oil to penetrate deeper into the skin barrier. While particularly beneficial for dry skin, Argan Oil works well with essentially any skin type and has also been considered beneficial for those with acne-prone skin as it is non-comedogenic and won’t leave the skin feeling greasy.


Bee Propolis


Bee Propolis contains high concentrations of repairing antioxidants which help neutralize the unfavorable effects of free radicals on the skin. Bee Propolis can smooth wrinkles and has excellent anti-aging properties. A huge role is played by the antioxidants contained in Bee Propolis such as phenolic compounds and flavonoids which neutralize an unfavorable effect of free radicals on the skin. Bee Propolis lightens and smoothens the skin, reduces signs of fatigue, and effectively moisturizes the skin.


Sweet Orange Oil


The strong antibacterial properties of Sweet Orange Oil promote the production of collagen as well as increasing blood flow within the skin. Used topically, Sweet Orange Oil is beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness, thereby reducing the signs of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditions.


Directions: Apply one full pump morning and night after cleansing with your favorite Kingdom Come Home cleanser. Follow with your favorite Kingdom Come Home moisturizer.


Non-Toxic Ingredients: Organic Moringa Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Passion Fruit Oil, Bee Propolis, Sweet Orange Oil


Formulated Without: Parabens, Phthalates, Petroleum, Sulfates, and Toxic Chemicals. Kingdom Come Home products are free of the 3000 ingredients the EU deems as unsafe, but the United States does not.


⚠️ Bee Propolis may not be safe for people who are allergic to bees.


Size: 2oz.


Safety Information: When using a new product, always do a patch test first. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not use any products if you have a known allergy to an ingredient. Avoid getting any product into the eye. Flush eyes immediately with water if this occurs.


**Shelf Life: All Kingdom Come Home products are made with God’s natural goodness. Please use within 8 months of the date of purchase to ensure quality and freshness.


Jeremiah 33:6

Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.

Moringa Miracle Drops